Opera Comique

Opera Comique

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Dakota Stage
412 East Main Avenue, Bismarck ND


It is 1875 and the wealthy of Paris are attending the premiere of Bizet’s Carmen at the Opera Comique. But rather than focusing on the scandal unfolding on the stage, they are busy creating their own! Monsieur and Madame Corniche want their daughter, Viviane, to marry Hector Vigneron. But Viviane is in love with Hector’s father … who is having an affair with her mother. Meanwhile “La Tartine,” a tempting coquette, is trying to seduce the great composer Gounod, but ends up in some else’s arms… And amid all this, Bizet is a nervous wreck as his unconventional opera and the evening build to a chaotic climax. Carmen may be a tale of passion, sex and betrayal … but it’s nothing compared to what is happening in the audience!

Opera Comique was first produced by San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre, where it won both Drama-Logue and Bay Area Critics Awards.

Mild adult themes.

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