FAQs and Help

FAQs and Help


General FAQs

How much does DakotaBuddy cost?

Nothing. All non-premium listings are free for all users.

What’s included in a basic, non-premium listing?

DakotaBuddy is the region’s only classifieds website that includes, for free: HTML-formatted descriptions, up to 20 photos, and YouTube embedding.

Even better, all listings receive equal exposure opportunities on landing pages, which feature new and random listings rather than paid sponsors.

I have a large amount of listings. Can I bulk upload or sync them with an existing source.

In most cases, yes! We can manually upload and automatically sync most CSV and XML files. Legacy Partners receive this service free. There will be a nominal service fee for all others. Reach out to us for details.

How long is a listing active? 

Classifieds are guaranteed for 30 days. At which point, they will be removed and need to be re-listed. Some content, such as Service Directory and Resume listings, are never purged. All users can manually delete their listings at any time.

What information is publicly posted?

Email is the only required contact information upon registering. Each user also selects their own customized “public name” as their identification. Other fields, including phone numbers and mailing addresses, are up to each user’s discretion.

How do I publish a listing?

Simple! Register and activate a free account, then visit the Member Center to begin.

How long until a listing appears live?

To speed up the listing process, DakotaBuddy does not pre-approve listings. Once published by a user, it will appear instantly after caching clears.

My listing disappeared!

Site admins will only remove listings that have experienced or violated the Terms of Service.

General Support

Contact DakotaBuddy for any questions or support.

Advertising or Sponsorships

KFYR-TV and its satellite stations are responsible for all advertising and sponsorships on DakotaBuddy. Reach out to an Account Executive for more information.